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Robert J. Graham

Senior Associate in Division of Critical Care Medicine, Director of Critical Care, Anesthesia, Perioperative Extension (CAPE) and Home Ventilation Program, Associate Professor – Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School
United States of America

Dr. Robert J. Graham is a paediatric critical care physician with a special interest in acute and chronic care of children with technology dependence. Through clinical innovation, research, and teaching he seeks to extend critical care services beyond the intensive care unit (ICU) to optimize the outcomes for children and young adults with special healthcare needs as well as the experience of their families.

In 2007, he developed a novel clinical program; the Critical Care, Anesthesia, and Perioperative Extension (CAPE) and Home Ventilation Program at Boston Children’s Hospital, which provides home-visits, care coordination, and consultation for children with chronic respiratory failure. Dr. Graham’s research includes health-services efforts investigating models of care, patient/parent-reported outcomes, and resource utilization, as well as clinical investigations, focusing on patients with neuromuscular diseases and other populations with chronic respiratory failure and technology supports.